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CS Group develops the Crimson product line (http://crimson.eu) that is widely adopted by civil security organisations for situational awareness and critical operation management. Crimson has been a cornerstone of the European “Domino” Full-scale crisis management exercise (Domino 2022) organised by DG ECHO and involving more than 1000 actors from several EC members (France, Spain, Austria, Belgium,...).

The company designs and develop critical cyber-secured information systems for the homeland security, space, defence, and industry markets.

Initially known as CS Communication & Systèmes, it became CS GROUP in 2020 after the merging with its prestigious DIGINEXT subsidiary. CS GROUP is a mid-cap listed on the Paris Bourse as a member of the CAC Small index..The company's headquarters is in Paris, with 12 other locations throughout France. Regional headquarters or subsidiaries are in Germany, Romania, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, India, and the United States. CS Group has more than 2,200 employees.


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