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Connectivity Group has different activities all linked to solving the connectivity challenge. Wearin' is an essential part of Conextivoty Group.
Founded in 2019, Wearin’ creates IoT wearable solutions that improve the safety and efficiency of connected humans such as security agents, lone workers, firefighters and first responders. It makes high-risk work environments safer and smarter with real-time, actionable insights from field data generated by agent-worn modular sensors integrated into field gears. Wearin’s solutions allow connected agents and units to react immediately to emergencies, while predicting and mitigating risks; enhance their situational awareness through improved coordination and response times with real-time, two-way data flows and automatic alerts, including biometric-based alarms used to detect acute stress, for example; ensure their mobility and comfort with easy-to-use, lightweight, integrated devices and centralized power; and protect their sensitive data and privacy with secure, end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance.


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