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Idoven is a health technology company advancing early diagnosis and intervention for cardiovascular diseases. Our AI-powered electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis platform delivers substantial improvements to the speed, consistency and accuracy of electrocardiogram interpretation and new prediction capabilities. The platform is designed to be integrated into existing clinical workflows.

We partner with:
- Medical device companies to deliver AI-enabled triage and detection of arrhythmias and cardiac patterns from ECGs
- Pharmaceutical companies to develop disease biomarkers towards patient identification, risk stratification and prognosis, as well as drug cardiac safety monitoring at scale
We empower physicians to make real-time and accurate diagnoses for every patient, enabling early detection and intervention.

Willem is a cloud-based, AI-powered software that analyses ECGs of any duration and from any device. The software aids clinicians in the triage and detection of arrhythmias and cardiovascular diseases from ECGs, as well as identifying patients at increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation. The Idoven software is designed to be integrated seamlessly into existing clinical workflows, to support clinician decision making and disease management.
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