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DigitoMedica´s mission is to offer healthcare systems a brand agnostic open IoMT platform to connect, visualize and integrate medical devices -in/outsite the hospital- measuring vital waves and signs (real-time data, high resolution, low latency).

Our main fields of expertise are: – Medical software development – Medical device connection and integration – Change management – Sales (combined, about 14 years experience as portfolio management for large healthcare cooporations). We offer continuous, real-time, ubiquitous access to all relevant biometric markers (vital signs/waves, blood analysis, prescribed/administered drugs, etc) and tools to visualize and analyze them, both inside and outside the hospital.

We operate and develop an IoMT solution that: – Connects multi-brand medical devices, capturing real-time vital constants/waves at a high resolution (200Hz) through drivers.

We can connect monitoring devices used in hospital environments (multiparametric monitoring devices, ventilation, medication pumps, etc) and in homecare environments (pulxiosimetry, tensiometers, etc). – Stores the data in an open structured database and makes it available to be used by apps/HIS/BI systems.

The database is open, and third parties can use it to implement their own Apps, advanced analytics solutions, etc.

Through integration with HIS, we feed the database with information about drugs prescription/administration, analytics, etc. – Develop real-time user-friendly applications/data analytic/collaboration software.
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