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eResult is an ICT company specialized in the development of advanced software solutions for process management. It designs and delivers customized and integrated software solutions providing high-tech for highly innovative management able to meet the specific needs of SMEs, multinational corporations, public administrations and a solid network of international partners. Its team owns large, multidisciplinary and synergistic expertise as well as decades of experience in customer service, technological, IT, legal and economic support to production chains and in the implementation and management of R&D projects, testing and demonstration, at national and international level. eResult, indeed, has been steadily carrying out and promoting for years research and development activities in the healthcare and social welfare areas and holds to this regard its own internal Laboratory accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR). Every year the company, indeed, allocates substantial shares of its turnover to R&D activities. By the means of its Laboratory, eResult promotes an innovation-oriented culture that steadily transfer towards target market segments and an active participation in different R&D projects mainly in the framework of the European program, with particular regard to sectors related to the healthcare and social welfare. Over the years, indeed, the company has gained experience in particular in the development and monitoring of assisted living environments and in the implementation of integrated remote assistance systems, mainly for frail and/or elderly users and their specific needs and through the use of A.I. tools and Big Data analysis technologies.
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Address: Italy , Cesena (FC) , 47522 , Piazzale Luigi Rava, 46
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